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CWA Dues Processing & Other Changes
May 17, 2023

TO: All Members & Non-Members

FROM: Richard Poulette, President

RE: IMPORTANT - CWA Dues Processing & Other Changes IMPORTANT

This letter is to advise you that there may be changes coming soon to the way you will need to

process future dues deductions.

The legislature just passed a bill SB 256, in Tallahassee and was signed by the Governor to

change the way the Public Sector labor unions do business. You should note that the Unions

have filed charges against the State and an injunction to stop this new law from taking effect.

The bill calls for the following to happen if it cannot be stopped:

1. Beginning July 1, 2023, there will be no more payroll deductions of dues. Dues will need

to be paid by other methods that we will advise you of as we move forward.

2. October 1, 2023, the Unit will need to have 60% of the bargaining unit as dues paying

members. If that does not happen a recertification will be necessary to keep the Union.

What that means is that PERC will hold an election of the entire bargaining unit to see if

you want to continue to be represented by the Union or not. If the employees vote

more that 50% for the Union, the employees will continue to be represented by the

Union. If not, the Union will go away and the employees will no longer have a Union to

represent them.

3. The Union will need to file an annual audit each year and provide the members with a

copy of the audit.

4. There are other changes in the Bill. If you wish to look at all the changes you can get a

copy from the legislative website and read it.

In the event that we cannot stop this bad bill, we are moving forward with the following.

1. We will send each member information on the options you will have to pay your dues

before July of this year.

2. All old and new member will need to sign a new membership authorization form as per

the new law in order to be a member of the union.

Be advised that we will be sending additional information as we move forward. Thank you

for taking your time to read this very important letter.

Communications Workers of America Local 3181
594 1st Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33413

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